Google Ads

Google Ads

Get in front of customers who are looking for businesses like yours!

Understanding Google ads is like trying to land a backflip on the first try...with 10x gravity. (hint- it's gonna hurt)

Ryder Optimization aims to handle your Google Ads account with profit generating knowledge, due diligence, and care. Here is a sneak peak of what to expect-

Fun Fact!
On Average, every $1 that goes into Google Ads, $2 come back!

Drive Store Visits

Get More Phone Calls

Increase Conversions

Small Business Google Ads

For Small businesses ready to generate traffic and conversions!
$ 500 Monthly + Ad Spend
  • 10-20 Enticing Ads with Copy
  • Up to 225 Master Keywords
  • Personal Mastery Marketing Agent
  • Target Audience Discovery
  • Important Data and Consultations
  • Landing Page Guidence
  • No Contract!!!

Red Carpet Google Ads

For those who want to dominate and beat the competition
$ 1000 Monthly + Ad Spend
  • 30-40 Enticing Ads with Copy
  • Up to 450 Master Keywords
  • Personal Mastery Marketing Agent
  • Target Audience Discovery
  • Important Data and Consultations
  • 1-2 Landing Page Creations & Guidance
  • No Contract!!!

Detailed Information

Do I own my account?

The account is fully yours! We will build it from the ground up. Every keyword, ad, copy, and extensions will be completely in your name. Scouts honor✋.

What is the recomended ad spend?

It all depends on your business. Once you talk to one of our experts, we can determine what’s best. 
Ballpark estimate; $500 – $10,000 monthly. 

Discovery and Creation

Start-Up Meeting-

let’s brainstorm campaigns, ads, and techniques to reach your businesses marketing goals. 

Pinpoint Target Audience-

Determine the best possible niche that will have the highest probability of converting. 

Research Competitors-

Discover what makes your competitors rank and exploit weaknesses to help you dominate. 

Location Targeting-

Determine where your business will appeal the most, and shut out the ability for competitors to see your ad. 


Ad Creation-

Create expert ads that represent your business and entice customers to take action. Will create 3 display banners for the display network (if needed).

Digital Funnel Optimization-

Asses the landing pages and minimize the steps necessary for customers to convert.  Also, advise/rewrite copy on landing page to match up with ad.  Landing pages can be created separately for additional charges to be discussed. 


Additional Setup (included)

Conversion Tracking-

Depending on your business, We will set up conversion tracking and analyze it daily to make sure you are getting the best possible return.


Google Analytics-

This will give us crucial information on how people react to the web page. (If applicable)



Aim additional ads at people who showed interest in your business. 

Monthly Goals

Monthly Reporting-

Get metrics across the board about how your ads are performing, ad spend, traffic, and conversion status.  Also, gain crucial insight on trends and what your customers could expect. 

Bid Adjustments-

Adjust bids accordingly to improve conversions and rank properly.  

A/B split test ads-

Constantly have two ads running per ad group to always adjust and change for best performance. 


Week 1-

Go through the onboarding process to get your unique Google Ads account. Conduct thorough research on the target audience, competitors, keywords, and trends. Set up any tracking and start the foundation of your Google Ads account!

Week 2-

Now ads ds will be made to reflect keywords, relevancy, and promotions your business aims for! 2 ads per ad group to start A/B split testing.   

Week 3-

Make necessary adjustments to optimize bids, landing pages, and quality score. Negate any keywords/target markets that we are not aiming for to better improve cost and conversions.


Week 4-

Make necessary adjustments to optimize bids, landing pages, and quality score. Negate any keywords/target markets that we are not aiming for to better improve cost and conversions.


Weekly following goals- 

Work to raise conversion rates by adjusting everything from the campaign level, to ad group, ads, extensions, copy, and bids. All handled by us and optimized to near perfection!

Following months

Adapt to your business by creating new ads and campaigns for any new products/services your business develops. All while persistently maintaining the current Google Ads account to maximize cost, quality score,  and conversions!

Don't know what package is best for you?

Provide us info and we will figure out what is best for you!

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See what clients have to say!

Richard Derr
Richard Derr
Head Chairman, Learning Express Toys
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In the very intense arena of retail toys, Ryder Optimization has helped grow our business by communicating with our core customers and also reaching new potential business. They studied our toy business model and then with laser focus, communicated to our market through media channels of Adwords(Google), Social Media platforms, and tying in email targeted ads with much higher penetration rates. Our last 5 years of sales have been our best in 23 years!
Russel Lassitor
Russel Lassitor
President, Heavy Hitters
Read More
Found ROI through a friend when I started having a hard time scaling my ecommerce store. After ROI recreated our website, Facebook, and Google (ads and SEO), My store grew 3x in monthly profit and is only trending upward. Highly recommended, HANDS DOWN.
Megan Blowey
Megan Blowey
President, Megan Blowey Photography
Read More
ROI went above and beyond for just a single consultation with me. I was most impressed with how quickly they were able to gather information and ideas. Jesse sent them over immediately and went beyond what he probably needed to do. What I loved most was his energy and personality! that's the type of person you know will go the depths to accomplish what you want done and do it right.
Dawn Patton
Dawn Patton
CEO, Southern Colorado Hats
Read More
Jesse Ryder from ROI has the most amazing personal touch. It is more of a partnership with an agency who cares about improving my company. I trusted Jesse right away, which is a huge testimonial because even now, I trust Jesse but no one else. From amazing email return to fantastic website design, we started seeing improvement practically overnight! Jesse is your guy!
Sharron Hughes
Sharron Hughes
President, I Love You More Foundation
Read More
We can’t say enough good things about Jesse Ryder at ROI. He did a wonderful job on our Foundation’s website. Trying to create your own website can be very frustrating, trust me I know, so let a trusted professional handle that for you. I’m so glad we found Jesse!!